Symptoms of prostatitis

One of the most common urological diseases in men is prostatitis. According to statistics, more than half of men suffer from prostatitis.

Prostatitis is an inflammation of the prostate gland, which in some particularly severe cases can lead to infertility!

The development of prostatitis is imperceptible, sometimes without causing concern for years. Exacerbations can occur once or twice a year, and more often if untreated.

The symptoms of prostatitis can be divided into 3 main groups:

symptoms of prostatitis in a man
  1. Pain symptoms:

    Pain in the groin, perineum, scrotum, in the anus. In this case, the pain can be of varying intensity: from weak "aching" to sharp and sharp. Pain can increase during intercourse and when urinating.

  2. Violation of urination:

    Increased urge to urinate. Slight difficulty in urinating, defecation. Feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder. "Night" trips to the toilet (sometimes every half hour! ).

  3. Sexual Disorders:

    Decreased potency and libido. The duration of intercourse varies. Accelerated ejaculation is possible.

The causes of prostate inflammation are:

Entering the tissue of the gland of the causative agent of infection (various bacteria, viruses, mycoplasmas, chlamydia, fungi).

Stagnation of fluid (secretion) of the prostate gland and venous stagnation of blood in it, which can be caused by:

  • Prolonged sexual abstinence;
  • Lack of regular sex life;
  • Alcohol and nicotine abuse;
  • Sedentary sedentary work;
  • Wearing tight underwear.

The risk of prostatitis increases with:

  • Reduced immunity;
  • Untreated infections: tonsillitis, sinusitis, carious teeth, etc.
  • Hormonal disorders.
  • Hypothermia.

There are various forms of prostatitis:

  • Chronic infectious;
  • Acute infectious;
  • Non-infectious.

And only a urologist, based on the examination and the tests performed, can correctly diagnose this or that form of prostatitis. It is extremely important to identify the role of infection in its development, for this we do a four-portion test with laboratory and microbiological examination of 3 portions of urine and secretion (juice) of the prostate. Accordingly, based on the diagnosis, as well as the individual characteristics of the patient, the doctor prescribes treatment.

The treatment of this disease at the Medical Center is the optimal solution, since thanks to the unique treatment methods, the availability of special modern equipment in the clinic, any man can be sure of a positive result. Our urologists are always attentive to their patients and use an individual approach in practice in the treatment of this disease. A well-chosen comprehensive recovery program helps to cope with the disease as soon as possible.

Treatment of prostatitis in the clinic includes:

  • medication course;
  • enzyme therapy;
  • enzyme therapy;
  • vitamin therapy;
  • immunotherapy;
  • physiotherapy;
  • antibiotic therapy.

To achieve a stable remission in the treatment of this disease, careful therapy must be carried out. This is not only taking antibiotics, correcting local and general immunity, physiotherapy procedures, prostate massage, but also giving up bad habits, and changing the way of life. It is necessary to start treatment as early as possible and follow the recommendations of specialists.